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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes



1.        Date/Time/Location:  8 May 2001, 7:00 PM, DHS Library


2.        Game Schedule:  Revised game schedule was handed out.


3.        Guest:  Brian Hosken, DHS Activities Principal, attend the meeting to answer questions.  Athletic/Activity Booster Association and Clubs brochure was distributed at the meeting.


4.        Treasurer’s Report:  Nothing to Report


5.        Senior/Parent Recognition:  Seniors/parents will now be recognized at the end-of-the-season party due to previous plans of May 5th being canceled because of weather/field conditions.   June was able to ‘hold’ roses order at Carr’s, at the same price ($25).  Senior shirts have been designed and will be ordered this week.


6.        Concession Stand:  Previous plans for May 5/12 games were canceled due to weather conditions/schedule changes.  Carr’s, Fred Meyer’s, and Sam’s Club donated $25 in-store merchandise certificates.  Thank you cards will be sent, along with cards to Tastee Freeze and Bagel Factory who had considered our request.   Wonder Hostess had also agreed to make donation, Ana will check to see if they can donate dinner rolls instead for our party.  The following was purchased with the Carr’s and Fred Meyer’s certificates:  1 24-pk Pepsi, 2 24-pk Mt Dew, 2 12-pk Wild Cherry Pepsi, 1 18-pk Coca Cola, 1 12-pk 7 UP, 1 12-pk Slice, and 1 12-pk Dr. Pepper.  Sam’s Club certificate will be used to purchase food/water for the end-of-the-season party.


7.        Left Over Clothing:  Teams’ names will NOT be printed on the leftover t-shirts.  Prices reduced:  t-shirts (now $15) and sweatshirts (now $25); remaining t-shirts will be reduced further ($10) at the party.  Suggestion was made to give team managers and non-paid coaches/assistants a t-shirt as a ‘thank you’ gift. 


8.        Team Banners/Signs:  These have been ordered through Sign Shop (Old Seward) and should be ready by Thursday (May 10).  Cost is $150/each (down payment for ½ of the cost has been made), size is 3 X 6.  Signs are on white background with black, maroon, and yellow lettering, logo--‘Dimond Lynx Soccer’ and ball.  Need team rep to be responsible for sign – need to make sure signs are rolled up with color on outside.


9.        End of the Season Party:  Party on Tuesday, June 5, 6:30-9:45 pm, at the Kincaid Chalet.  Set-up at 6 PM and cleanup by 10 PM.  Coaches need to limit their time with speeches due to timeframe.  Booster Club will provide the ‘paid’ coaching staff ‘thank you’ gifts.  Invitations will be mailed out to the parents (potluck with Booster Club providing beverages).  Teri will get the BV/BJV/GJV mailing addresses, she has the GV roster. 


10.     Car Wash:  Sat, May 12, at Chevron on Dimond Blvd (across from Fred Meyers).  Work shifts:  BV 10-12 AM; GV 12–2 PM; BJV/GJV 2-4 PM.  Donations of $5/vehicle – must have one adult in charge of the money.  Items needed:  LOTS of towels/car wash supplies.  Shirley will make flyers to post at DHS.  The following adults volunteered to work:  BV:  Teri, June, and Shirley; GV:  Ana and John; BJV:  Cathy and Laura; GJV:  Teri and Nancy.   Shirley will check to see if hoses are available; Teri will check to see if the Campbell’s power washers can be borrowed for the whole day—Laura volunteered to loan hers.  Suggestion was made to purchase the soap from Costco and to check at the Salvation Army for any ‘old/car wash towels’.


11.     Pictures:  Anne will contact John Hitchcock to reschedule possibly for:  JV teams on Friday and V teams on Monday; she will contact the team reps when date/time is confirmed. 


12.     Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 17 at 7:00 PM/DHS Library.  Agenda:  End-of-Season Party



Guest:  Brian Hosken, DHS Activities Principal



  1. How is scheduling going to be handled next year?
  1. The plan is to have all schools with JV teams.  Cost of Activity Fee being looked at (perhaps hockey paying more than other sports not too costly to maintain).


  1. What prevents schools from playing each team three times vs. two (so players have more playing time)?
  1. There is only one turf field and there are many scheduling conflicts.


  1. What will the new DHS field be like?
  1. It will be grass not turf.


  1. Do you know how next year’s schedule will look?
  1. Schedule already produced, Brian will look at rescheduling early May games scheduled at DHS.  More than likely, DHS field will not be ready at the beginning of the season.  Brian mentioned someone gets paid during the summer to take care of the field.


  1. Do you see any changes in the coaching staff?
  1. At this time no.  A survey/evaluation form was sent out as part of the school’s newsletter.


  1. What can the Booster Club do different, ‘practice schedule’?
  1. The practice space is a big issue due to the construction/losing the small gym.


  1. Any thought of changing the soccer season to the fall?
  1. No, this would be a big conflict with football, wrestling, other fall sports; many of the same athletics compete in both soccer and fall sports.


  1. Can we get permits to use Elementary School facilities?
  1. Yes, but their activities take priority; up to the coaches to do this. 


  1. Goalie uniforms – why doesn’t the school provide them?
  1. The school does have some ‘ocean blue’ goalie shirts, it is up to the coaches if they want their goalies to wear them.


  1. On Spirit Days, the goalies don’t have a team uniform to wear, what can be done?
  1. Each team determines if they want/what they wear on game/Spirit Days, not the school administration.


  1. Why doesn’t DHS have the same goalie shirts for all teams?
  1. Most goalies prefer to wear their own ‘individual’ outfits.  Brian mentioned he could talk to the coaches about fitting this in their budget as  ‘goalie gear’.


  1. Can we have sponsors, advertisement on uniforms?
  1. No, sponsor names cannot be on school uniforms.


  1. Is it possible to get a practice schedule ‘in writing’ – that would be helpful?
  1. This is difficult since coaches flip-flop times without telling Brian. 


  1. Can anything be done on getting the word out earlier on practice schedules?  Many players have jobs and other activities that they don’t go to because they are waiting to see what their schedule will be.
  1. Brian understands this is a problem; he mentioned Bonnie Wheels posts the schedules up daily and answers these types of questions throughout the day.


  1. Is there a policy for ‘playing time’?
  1. No; however this is a coach decision, though it must be justified.  All coaches should speak with the teams at the beginning of the season on what is expected of them.


  1. Where does the $4 entry fee at Mulcahy go to?
  1. Money goes to Region IV (six high schools in Anchorage) where it is split amongst us and provides money to pay officials, etc.


  1. Why is there an entry fee for JV games this year?
  1. When JV/V play in conjunction, there will be an entry fee for JV.  If JV teams play by themselves, no fee is charged.


  1. Where does the money for the activity fee go?
  1. It goes directly back to the school sports.


  1. What amount of responsibility will DHS soccer have at this year’s State Tournament since it is now being held in Anchorage?
  1. Little as possible; might use soccer field for overflow games.


  1. What happened to the DHS field bleachers?
  1. They were loaned out for the Special Olympics World Wide Winter Games; Mr. Don Winchester knows

where they are.