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Dimond High School

Soccer Booster Club Minutes



1.       Date/Time/Location:  May 7, 2002 at 7:00 PM, DHS Library


2.   Business:

a.            Pictures:   Team pictures on Friday, May 10, at O’Malley Gardens.  Reflections Photography will donate 10% of sales to club.  Schedule:  BV @ 2:30; GV @ 3:00; GC @ 3:30; GJV @ 4:00; BJV @ 4:30

b.   Car Wash:  Saturday, May 11 at Chevron (Dimond and Victor) by Fred Meyer’s.  Bring LOTS of towels, parents welcome to help – flyers being distributed.  Schedule:  GJV, 11:00 – 1:00; BJV, 12:30 – 2:30; GV, 2:00 – 4:00; BV, 3:00 – 5:00  (if players can’t make their shift, make one of the others; Girls C Team – (not sure of game schedule) work any shift.  Soap/buckets:  Ana/John; Power Washers:  Campbell/O’Blenness; Mittens:  O’Blenness

  1. Awards Banquet:  Friday, May 31 at Kincaid Park, 6:30 – 9:00 PM

(1)          Owe $140 (rental fee for two rooms, 6-9:30 PM)

(2)          Received $50 donation from Costco – need to check on Carr’s and Sam’s request.

(3)          Pizza – need to check with Donna on ‘donated/free’ pizza; if not able to get suggestion was made to have ‘potluck’ pizza.

(4)          Dessert Buffet (each player)

(5)          Decorations:  Balloons, tablecloths, and possible table decorations.

(6)          Coaches’ Gifts:  head coaches (5) receive plaque/team picture and Red Robin gift certificates; assistant coaches (3) receive sweatshirts (L/2 XL) and hats; BJV Manager (Stephanie) receive a hat and sweatshirt.

(7)          Awards/Letters:  need to ensure coaches submit request through school for players’ sports letters, awards.

(8)          Soccer Help:  a sign-up sheet will be posted at the banquet for those interested in helping out next year.

  1. Balls:  booster club will purchase soccer balls for the BJV team.
  2. Hats:  suggestion made to sell hats at the school’s ‘store’ next year.
  3. BV:  boys cleaning the arena parking lot on Saturday in appreciation for donated ‘arena time’.
  4. Coaches/Practice:  Question was asked if coaches need to be at practices – yes, liability purposes.
  5. School Area:  several DHS clubs/students will be cleaning around the school area immediately after school on Friday, May 10; suggestion was made for soccer teams to help out/wear soccer gear.  This was a great suggestion, however ‘team pictures’ same day/time.


2.       Budget: 

a.  “Kick-off/Silent Auction” Sales:  Auction ($1,276.00) plus Clothing ($3,907.65) = $5,183.65

b.   In addition to $140 owed for Kincaid, owe $21 for sweatshirt.

c.   Current balance, $1,472.22  (seniors’ shirts/flowers, hats, blankets, sweatshirts paid)


4.    Next Meeting:  May 21, 7 PM, DHS Library