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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes



1.        Date/Time/Location:  1 May 2001, 7:00 PM/Multi Ethnic Center (Raspberry Rd)


2.        Treasurer’s Report:  Amount of $90 (clothing sales) was given to Shirley at the meeting.


3.        Senior Recognition Day:  Seniors and their parents will be recognized on May 5th, ceremony between GV and BV game; June will pick up the roses and Archie the balloons.  Ana will notify the senior girls’ parents; Shirley the senior boy’s parents.  Anne and Shirley will work the details for the “Special” senior t-shirts -- should be ready to present at the end-of-the-season party. 


4.        Concession Stand:  The following items have been donated:  $25 store cert, Carr’s; 100 buns/condiments, Tastee Freeze; 4-dozen bagels, Bagel Factory.  Ana/others checking on requests submitted to:  Sam’s Club, Mr. Prime Beef, Mrs. Field’s Cookies, Fred Meyers, and Wonder Hostess.  Shirley will get coffee and Donna will provide extra coffee pumps.  Items needed:  cheese, cream cheese, coffee condiments, paper products.  Ana and Donna will bring their gas grills.  Items received will be posted on the web.  Suggestion was made to have cotton candy machine at concession stand – will keep this in mind for next season.   We will also do a 50/50 raffle during the day, drawing at the last game – do not need to be present.


5.        DHS Field:  Suggestion was made to bring your chairs/seats as some bleachers have been removed.


6.        Left over T-Shirts:  Theses will be for sale at the May 5th games.  If any are left over, the names of all four teams will be added and will be for sale at the end-of-the-season party.


7.        Banners/Team Flags:  Team banners will be ordered in place of team flags.  Cost:  3x6 = $150/each; booster club ordering one for each of the four teams.  Banners will be locally made.  Suggestion was made to ask Broadway Signs to sponsor these; Shirley will check into the legality of this. 


8.        End of the Season Party:  FIRM date for the party is June 5, 6-10 pm, at the Kincaid Chalet.  Invitations will be mailed out to the parents (potluck with Booster Club providing beverages). 


9.        Car Wash:  FIRM date -- Sat, May 12, at Chevron on Dimond Blvd (across from Fred Meyers).  Work shifts:  BV 10-12 AM; GV 12–2 PM; BJV/GJV 2-4 PM.  Donations of $5/vehicle – must have one adult in charge of the money.  Items needed:  LOTS of towels, chamois, squeezgies, buckets, soap – car wash supplies.  Flyers will be made to post at DHS.  MUST have parent participation!  Archie working on getting two power washers for all-day use.  Last shift will need to ‘hose down’/clean area.   


10.     Pictures:  Team and individual pictures (plus action shots) on May 5 at the games (DHS field); order forms have been distributed to each team/player.  Team pictures will be taken 45 minutes prior to team’s game.


11.     Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 8 at 7:00 PM/DHS Library.  Agenda:  Car Wash and Brian Hoskins (DHS Activities) has been invited to attend this meeting and end-of-season party.