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Minutes for DHS Soccer Booster Club

March 21, 2002


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Teri Henzel.




An overview of the Booster club was given.  A discussion followed on how the support works, i.e. J.V. and Varsity.  The group was reminded that the club is a young booster club, only in our 4th year.  Parent involvement at all levels is needed to make a successful booster club.  Charter is on file with Don Winchester.


Corporate sponsors can be obtained by the various teams.  Procedure:  contact Teri to obtain the Tax ID number.


The Booster club is purchasing new socks for all teams.  If funds are available from fund raisers, new sports bags will be purchased for the Varsity teams and the JV teams will be given the bags purchased last year.




The Kick-off Dinner/Silent Auction is to be held at DHS on April 4th at 7:00 p.m.  A flyer will be mailed to all team members.  A sign-up sheet will available at the next meeting on April 1st.  If you want to help people are encouraged to show up between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m.

DHS knit hats will be on sale for $22 and 2002 Soccer Sweatshirts will also be on sale at the Dinner/Auction.  The 2002 sweatshirts will be in gray and the logo is maroon and gold; no date will be on the sweatshirts, price will be $30.00.  Vintage soccer wear will also be available.

Senior recognition will also take place at the dinner.  Shirts have been ordered.  June Kinney checked on flowers and received a price of $27.99 for a dozen. 




April 27 has been set aside for a car wash.  The boys J.V. team will be the starter’s for the car wash.  Tentative locations are the Chevron at Dimond and Victor; and at Carlos’ Restaurant on Old Seward near Klatt.


Sally can get several pencil machines for free.  She will check and see if DHS will let us put a couple up at the school, also one at the soccer arena.  Pencils can be purchased for 11 cents and sold for 25 cents.


If there are any home games at the Dimond fields a concession stand will be set up and manned by parents.  Everyone was encouraged to get donations for the concessions; more money will be made.




The Awards Banquet is scheduled for Friday, May 31st at Kincaid Chalet between 6:00 and 9:30 p.m.  The cost of renting 2 rooms at the Chalet is $120.00.  If the Booster Club is in the black, pizza will be purchased and delivered; and the potluck will be for desserts.  A suggestion was made to contact Guidos…lasagna’s (feeding approximately 50) can be purchased and picked up (utensils, etc. also provided).  Someone will look into this as the date gests closer.




Team and individual pictures are tentatively scheduled for mid-April at the Arena.  Teri is still making arrangements with Dave.


Games are on hold until after March 29th, due to snow.


C team games have not been scheduled, field time is a problem.


BLANKETS:  24 additional blankets at $40 have been ordered by Adrianne.  Twelve (12) sold tonight at $45 each.  The balance will be sold at the Kick-off dinner.


NEX MEETING:  April 1st, 7:00 p.m., DHS Library.


Minutes prepared by Archie O’Blenness.