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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes

“Pre Season” Meeting



1.       Date/Time/Location:  January 8, 2002 at 7:00 PM, DHS Library  (‘pre-season’ mtg)


2.       2002 DHS Soccer Season 

  1. Practice:  begins March 11
  2. Teams named by:  March 21
  3. In-service Day/Spring Break:  March 22/March 25-29
  4. Season:  begins April 1


3.       Kick-off Party/Silent Auction:  DHS Cafeteria (potluck), April date to be determined.  Need to start looking for auction donations; ‘big’ price will be used as raffle.


4.       Soccer Gear/Clothing:

  1. 2001 t-shirts and sweatshirts (on clearance) will be sold at Kick-Off party or contact Ana.
  2. 2002 Sweatshirts (players can vote for best design on Jan 18, 8-3, O’Malley Gardens)
  3. Knitted Hats w/ear flaps and ties (100 will be ordered)


5.       Senior Appreciation:  Senior T-shirts already ordered (need name/# on them).  Look for ‘2 for 1 specials’ and will check with wholesaler on roses discount.  Senior recognition will take place during Kick-Off party.


6.       Awards Banquet (end-of-season):  Booster Club provides pizza; players bring desserts.  Location – suggestions:  Kincaid Chalet or Restaurant


7.       Pictures:  team pictures will be taken during teams’ practices at O’Malley Garden Arena.  Teri will check into using photographer that does DHS basketball photos; 35% donation returned to DHS soccer.


8.       Fund Raisers – suggestions:

  1. In service Day Camp (Jan 18, 8AM – 3 PM, ages 7-12, O’Malley Gardens)  *Varsity teams will do.

(1,000 flyers made, will be delivered to ‘feeder’ elementary schools; $50/ea includes lunch {Teri working on Blue Line, McDonald’s or Tastee Freeze to donate})

  1. Presidents’ Day Tournament (HS Pre-Season Tournament)/Referees
  2. Spring Break Clinic/Tournament (staff from Seattle, WA)
  3. Eurosport (off DHS soccer web site; POC:  John)
  4. Car Washes (as soon as weather changes)
  5. Phone Book – ACS – Delivery (POCs:  Archie and Kathy)
  6. Open Gym Nights (not enough participation—word did not get out in time) – recommend to do next fall
  7. Bake Sale (April election – voting polls at DHS)
  8. DHS Blankets -- currently sold at Dimond Wal-Mart/DHS Football Team (POC:  Ana)
  9. Snow Shoe Race (pledge for laps completed)
  10. Varsity Gold Card (POC:  John)
  11. See’s Candy (candy bars to sell on Valentines/throughout season will be ordered; POC:  Ana)


9.       Other Issues Discussed:

  1. Gear bags for JV teams will probably be purchased this year if funds allow.
  2. Girls’ soccer “C teams” —ASD meeting to make decision on 9 Jan.
  3. Team Blankets:  Burgundy-colored fleece type material needed for blankets to keep players warm during the games; will sew gold-type border/ribbon around them.  Suggestions:  look for clearance/sales/Joann’s discount coupons
  4. BV Uniforms:  There will be an ‘approval’ committee of 2-4 parents for this.
  5. Need to check with coaches on how they receive from the district each year, what it is used for, what they need.


10.     Next Meeting:  February 12, 2002 at 7:00 pm, DHS Library.