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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes

“Pre Season” Meeting



1.        Date/Time/Location:  December 11, 2001 at 7:00 PM, DHS Library  (‘pre-season’ mtg)


2.        Treasurer’s Report:  Balance $1,700 (need to determine separate balance for boys and girls)


3.        2002 DHS Soccer Season: 

  1. Practice:  begins March 11
  2. Season:  begins April 1
  3. Juneau trip for varsity teams is ‘no go’ due to funding.
  4. Region IV Tournament moved to ‘The Valley’.


4.        Kick-off Party/Silent Auction:  Planned for early in the season at DHS Cafeteria (potluck).  Need to start looking for auction donations.


5.        Soccer Gear/Clothing:

  1. Still have some t-shirts and sweatshirts from 2001 (on clearance) – contact Ana.
  2. 2002 Sweatshirts (need designer/ideas), suggestion:  gold w/maroon w/paw, price to be determined.
  3. Knitted Hats (no on the tassels, ties, ropes; yes on the ear flaps), price to be determined.


6.        Senior Appreciation:  Senior T-shirts already ordered (need name/# on them) and flowers – plan to do early in the season.


7.        Awards Banquet (end-of-season):  Booster Club provides pizza; players bring desserts.  Location – suggestions:

Kincaid Chalet or Restaurant (Coach Gonzalez will check into this).


8.        Officers/Team Reps:  If interested in the following position(s), please contact Ana or Teri.  (Vice President, GJV Rep, BJV Rep, GC* Rep)


9.        Pictures:  suggestion made to have only ‘team’ pictures taken during practice (takes too much time individuals pictures/during games) – will change photographers this year to company that does DHS Basketball photos.


10.     Fund Raisers – suggestions:

  1. Holiday Gift Wrapping (stores/donations)
  2. Split the Pot (as done with Hockey)
  3. Paper Fundraiser (as done with Basketball)
  4. Spring Break Clinic/Tournament
  5. Inservice Day Camp (Jan 18, 8AM – 3 PM, ages 7-12, soccer arena)

($50/child includes lunch {Blue Line}, post flyers at feeder schools, registration at DHS or by mail)

  1. Presidents’ Day Tournament
  2. Eurosport (off DHS soccer web site)
  3. Open Gym Nights
  4. Car Washes
  5. Phone Book – ACS – Delivery
  6. Snow Shoe Race (pledge for laps completed)


11.     Other Issues Discussed:

  1. BV need Jerseys, socks and soccer balls ($1,500-$2,000)
  2. GV need socks and soccer balls ($500)
  3. Gear bags for JV teams will probably not be purchased this year – need to check on funds.
  4. Possibility of girls’ soccer “C teams” forming throughout ASD.
  5. School is required to provide all safety gear – booster club should not have to purchase.


12.     Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 8, 2002 at 7:00 pm, DHS Library.