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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes

“Kick-Off/Silent Auction” Meeting



1.       Date/Time/Location:  April 1, 2002 at 7:00 PM, DHS Library


2.       Kick-off Party/Silent Auction:  April 4, 2002, begins at 6:30 PM, Cafeteria – conflict -- C Team practicing there, might need to move to foyer; however, if ‘ZITS’ is practicing, need to see if Klaus/C Team can cancel practice for that night.

  1. Silent Auction -- all donations need to be delivered by 5:00 PM on Thursday to Archie so she can do the signs up.   Bids will be taken from 6:30-7:30 PM; ‘winners’ MUST pay for items ‘on the spot’.
  2. Food/eating available throughout the event (should begin eating by 7:00 PM).
  3. Soccer gear will be on sale throughout event (need to setup separate tables away from auction, need people to ‘sell’).
  4. Senior Appreciation:  Dave will call the BV/parents first; then Joe will follow, GV/parents.  June purchased 2 dozen roses for the parents.
  5. Drinks:  need two ‘big gallon containers’ of Kool Aid, punch, lemonade, etc.  Teri will bring the paper products.  June will check with Kaladi Brothers on coffee donation.  Ana will bring table covers, scissors, and brochure.


3.       Other Business:

  1. 2002 Sweatshirts have DHS logo on front; lynx/ball on back (looked better than original setup).
  2. BVJ socks; money given to Dave (Teri will check into this).
  3. Monday – Saturday games (April 1-6) are canceled due to weather/field conditions.
  4. Car wash scheduled for April 27, Chevron at Dimond Blvd, will have sign-ups sheets.  POC:  June
  5. Team Pictures being scheduled after April 8.  POC:  Teri


4.        Next Meeting:  To be determined, will be posted on web site; e-mail will be sent out.