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Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes



1.        Date/Time/Location:  April 10, 6:00 PM/DHS Library


2.        Treasurer’s Report


  1. Sales of DHS Clothing/Gear at Auction and Silent Auction profit:  $2,375.75.  A big ‘thank you’ to everyone.  Teri will have the gear/clothing at the games to be sold there.
  2. All bills have been paid, transactions made recently: 

See’s Candy, deposit $826.20; cost $740 (very small profit)

Gear/Clothing deposit $1,910; cost $1,175 (first payment), $1,133.75 (Stellar Design, second payment)

Premier Design {embroidery}, cost $1,130

Game Bags, cost $991.53

  1. Balance:  $1,585.88, funds turned in at this meeting:  $200.06 (bake sale, brownies and rice krispies big sellers), $265 (additional gear/shirts) = $2050.94
  2. DHS Alumni takes 5% for scholarships – this year they have eight $500 scholarships that senior athletics can apply for.


3.        Car Wash:  previously scheduled car wash (Sat, April 14) is canceled.


4.        End of the Season Party:  Suggestion was made to have party at the Kincaid Chalet Room vs. the DHS Cafeteria.  Teri will call to inquiry about reservations on June 2 or June 4 (potluck with Booster Club providing beverages).  Need to find out if videos are being put together to be shown at the party.  Each team will be responsible for providing their coaches’ gifts if they chose to do so; not the responsibility of the booster club.


5.        Pictures:  Team and individual pictures will be taken on May 5 at the games (DHS field).  Order forms/price list will be forthcoming.  Team reps need to make sure players’ names are on order forms prior to handing them out.  Anne will check with John Hitchcock on profit returned to booster club. 


6.        Donation:  Curtis & Campbell donated three $50 gift certificates, which were given to the boys’ varsity coach.  The booster club will use these at the end of the season party as a fundraiser.


7.        Blanket/Fleece:  look around to see if any fleece material/polar blankets are on sale/clearance.  We will have one of the mom’s sew/hem together so player’s can stay warm (all four teams).


8.        Tax ID Number:  when giving out the DHS Alumni number, need to put a disclaimer (ex:  please check with IRS or person/organization preparing your taxes on how this affects you).


9.        Team Flags:  flags with school logo are being ordered for each team—these flags are on a stake and can be put in the ground to show school spirit.  Will need to have team reps collect these after each game.


10.     Concession Stand:   During the May 5th and 12th games we will have a concession stand.  Players and parents will be asked to help, signup sheet will be given to team reps.  Suggestion was made to have popcorn as an item and coffee from Jean’s Beans.  Ana and Anne will hand out letters for donations.


11.     State Tournament:  it is likely that we will be asked to help out (man power).


12.     T-Shirts:  Looking at designing ‘special senior’ shirts, as well as adding the teams’ names on the remaining t-shirts – Teri will check into this.


13.     Rosters:  Need rosters for BV and BJV to add on web page.


14.     Buttons:  Suggestion was made to have buttons with players’ numbers made (like football does) – Ana will check into this.


15.     Field:  The field needs to be re-sodded – Alumni looking for funds.  If teams get asked to volunteer to water the field, we need to support this.


16.     Score Board:  Need someone to get trained on the electronic score board at the DHS field – this can be used as a fundraiser by selling ‘ads’.


17.     Prep Reports:  Ed Bohlman, 243-2942, 2431 Tasha Dr., has the Anchorage Prep Reports for all the sports.  Cost depends on number of pages in report; report comes in binder.  Will put his name/# on web page.


18.     Next Meeting:  Monday, April 23 at 7:00 pm, DHS Library.