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 Dimond High School Soccer Booster Club Minutes

1.        Date/Time/Location:  Feb 13, 01/6:00 PM/DHS Library

2.        Business:

  1. Booster Club selling See’s Candy, $4/item, from Feb 12-14, at DHS ‘C Square’ during lunch hour.  Candy ordered:  six piece chocolate assortment, solid heart, and polar bear box consisting of suckers/sugar sticks.   Polar bear boxes sold the least – top seller is six-piece.  There was a lot of competition in trying to sell items – other clubs were selling balloons, roses, singing grams, and having bake sale.  Additional note:  very few players made individual sales.
  2. Game bags (maroon) will be ordered for both varsity teams (20 each) – choice of Adidas or Nike, appr. cost is $22/bag.  Bags will be the property of the booster club – players will ‘sign’ bags out at the beginning of the season and return them – if coaches and boosters decide to give bags to seniors the boosters will pick up the cost and order new bags for the next season.
  3. The boys’ JV/V and girls’ V got new uniforms (school purchased), question was asked if this included warm-ups – answer is no – that is separate/up to the coach.
  4. Game snacks  -- boys’ varsity coach asked booster club to provide snacks (fruit/crackers) before games.  It was decided to do this for all the teams – need to check what approximate cost will be. 
  5. Coaches:  Boys’ varsity coach – David Gonzales, assistant coach – Nate Reeves; junior varsity coach/assistant – not known at this time.  Girls’ varsity coach – Joe Danicic, assistant coach – Pat Peterson; junior varsity coach/assistant – John Page?, assistant ??. 
  6. Tryouts/practice start Monday, March 12, paperwork due to Activities Office by February 26.  Teams (V/JV/cuts) will be known by Fri, March 16.  Actual games begin on April 2. 
  7. Future Events: 

(1)     Kick-off party/auction will be held on March 29, beginning at 6:00 p.m., DHS Student Center.  It is

mandatory that player and at least one parent attend.  In order for the auction to be a success, we need items to be donated – please solicit stores, etc. (theme baskets, movies, gift certificates,)  *Symphonic Band will be in Hawaii from Mar 23-31 – this will affect a few players.  Archie and Carolyn will setup the silent auction.

(2)     Photos – suggestion was made to have photographers who take ‘action’ shots do soccer photos.  Cathy will check into this and provide an example at the next meeting.

(3)     2nd Annual State Championship (May 24-26) will be hosted by Anchorage.  Soldotna, who hosted it last year, backed out of 3-year commitment.  Cathy will check with state board on manning the concession stand. 

(4)     Juneau has asked for DHS varsity teams to play there in 2002 – they will fund some of the trip, and the boosters will raise money to defray the rest of the costs -- players may have to pick up some of the costs themselves.  This is all contingent on the DHS coaches accepting the Juneau offer.   We are very proud to have be chosen from among the other schools.

(5)     End-of-Season party tentatively scheduled for May 29 or June 4.


3.        Future Fundraisers: 

  1. DHS Shirts – long sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts will be sold – colors suggested were white or gray since maroon is more expensive/hard to get.  Logos/suggestions can be made to the t-shirt committee:  June, Anne, Archie, and Shirley.
  2. Gate Fees:  Question was asked whether we could collect the gate fees at DHS and who/procedures to collect at Mulcahy field.  Shirley will check into this.
  3. Carwash – though this is a great opportunity to make money, unfortunately, the Saturday game schedules make it impossible to do.
  4. On May 5, all four teams play at DHS – we will be running a full concession stand – need to start looking at donations (hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, etc).  Parents/players (all teams) will need to work shifts.

4.        Web Site:  DHS Soccer web site is:  it is still ‘under construction’.

5.        College Video:  Jennifer Hepworth’s (V) college video was shown.  Video was made by John Terry Curran, Jr., 242-9656/245-1900, who professionally makes videos from editing tapes parents already have or he can record player at site needed.  Cost of J. Hepworth’s video was approximately $225.

6.        2000 Video:  Shirley will check into the status of the boys’ varsity season tape for last year.  It was suggested to possibly pay students/technology class to tape the teams throughout the season for those wishing to purchase it or to give to ‘seniors’. 

7.        Treasurer’s Report:  DHS Alumni keeps booster club’s book/writes checks.  They take 5% off the top to be used for scholarships.  Balance:  $1700 ($1000 – boys; $700 – girls) – this does not yet reflect the $740 spent for purchase of See’s Candy. 

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 pm, DHS Library.